Terms & Conditions


No undertaking is given as to acceptance of unsolicited material. The Publisher reserves the right to place or reject any advertisement.

No liability for the content of advertisements (whether text, graphic or context) is accepted by PanelTalk, its Editor or Publisher.

Advertising material is accepted on condition that the Advertiser (or Agent) agrees to indemnify PanelTalk, its Editor or Publisher, against any actions, claims or costs arising from publication.


Placement and positioning of advertisements shall be at the discretion of the Publisher.

Special placement, at the request of an Advertiser, shall be subject to availability of space and colour designation and may be subject to surcharge.


All advertising material shall be delivered without cost to PanelTalk by the deadline advised on the current rate-card.

Any expenses incurred in obtaining material, whether before or after deadline, shall be recoverable from the Advertiser (or Agent).


Cancellations shall be in writing and made prior to the deadline for space booking.

Any cancellation received after the deadline has passed shall apply to the following edition.

Rate Alteration

The Publisher reserves the right to alter or amend charges for booking of advertisement space and production at its discretion.

Revised charges shall apply to advertisements placed after notice to the Advertiser (or Agent) of any relevant alterations or amendments.